I'm 24. I love Chocolate Cake
I'm obsessed with Legend of the Seeker, True Blood, Game of Thrones, LOTR elves!. The pics I post are my own creation (except for the reblogs, etc). So, hope you enjoy them!
Current Obsessions: OUAT, The Walking Dead and Norman Reedus.

-I'm not schizophrenic! I can see the world in a different way-
Screencap Meme / GOT Meme

"This is a project that could go on for years. […] I get to ride horses, fight with swords, fulfill my Indiana Jones dreams, my Conan and Star Wars fantasies. And it’s always, you know, the end of the world, losing your father, your son, your mother. So if there’s a character I could keep playing, it’s Richard." (x)


Legend of the Seeker in colors:

↳  Yellow

We all can be only who we are, no more, no less.


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This is all… I have so many feelings right now.

screencap meme Looking Down + Legend of the Seeker.

screencap meme Scenery + Legend of the Seeker.

screencap meme  Faceless + Legend of the Seeker.

The Women of Legend of the Seeker.